Why Stray Dogs Band Together: Formation, Dynamics & Risks

3 stray dogs lying on the asphalt road

Stray dog packs – a puzzling sight and a dilemma for many city dwellers, stirring concerns about safety, dog welfare, and their impact on our urban ecosystem. While some people think they know this, they still often ask: Why do stray dogs typically form packs? The dynamics within these packs and how they go about … Read more

Guide to Pet Rehoming: Fees, Transition, and FAQs Explained

brown and white dog sitting on gray couch near window

Facing the hard decision to rehome your pet can be tough. Struggling with emotions, guilt, and perhaps financial concerns, we’ve all been there. Plus, going through the unknown territory of rehoming fees can add to that stress. But hey, you’re reading this now, meaning you’re taking responsible steps towards ensuring your pet finds the right … Read more

Three-Legged Dogs: Lifespan Expectations and Loving Care

gray 3 legged dog standing in the snow

Three legs, one heart of gold – when it comes to your beloved pooch, a missing leg doesn’t reduce their zest for life or their place in yours. As a pet parent, the uncertainty of their lifespan may weigh heavy on your heart. In this blog post, we’ll unwrap the mysteries of three-legged canine life, … Read more

Your Guide to Emotional Support Dogs: Process & Tips

yellow labrador retriever support dog on a harness outside

Taking the first steps towards having an emotional support dog can feel complex, especially while handling mental health difficulties. Between understanding the process and finding the perfect pet pal, the journey might seem overwhelming. But worry not, I’m here to guide you through the ins and outs of getting an emotional support dog, based on … Read more

How to Take Care of a 3-4 Week Old Pitbull Puppy? (Guide)

3 week old pitbull puppy

A month-old Pitbull puppy is too young to be separated from the mom and littermates. However, it does happen sometimes, and learning how to care for them is crucial in helping them become healthy and well-adjusted companions. If a puppy can’t stay with its mother and littermates until at least 8 weeks old, it’s essential … Read more

Scared of Dogs but Want One? (5 Things to Do)

golden retriever on the green field

Having a dog should be a fun and rewarding experience. Starting out with a fear of dogs and then getting a puppy is not a good strategy. It might work, but it’s a backward approach that risks backfiring. So, if you are genuinely afraid of dogs, don’t get one just yet. You must be self-assured … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Rehoming and Selling a Dog?

short-haired brown puppy with a collar looking outside

Rehoming a dog is about finding a good place for a dog that needs a new home. It means meeting the new owner and their new home and not asking for a high rehoming fee. Selling a dog is about making a profit out of the dog without an interest in where they’re going. While … Read more

How Many Dogs Are Too Many? American Household Insights

woman in ripped pants walking 5 dogs on leashes in countryside

Pet ownership is a joy and responsibility, merging emotions with practical aspects. But when it comes to our canine companions, just how many is the right number? Every dog deserves individual attention and care. So, while there’s an undeniable charm in a house bustling with wagging tails, it’s crucial to ensure each one experiences a … Read more

Can You Buy Greyhound Puppies? (and are they good pets)

Italian Greyhound puppy at 3 weeks old

There are several ways you can get Greyhounds in the US. You can buy Greyhounds from reputable breeders through the AKC website. You can get ex-racers and young Greys unfit for racing, or you may stumble upon a pregnant Grey female in a rescue center. Your best bet is getting an ex-racer, or a Greyhound deemed … Read more