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Cat Drank Chocolate Milk: Is it Harmful & What to Do

white cat next to mug looking to drink

Imagine that you’re a curious cat. You look at some spilled chocolate milk and think: ‘This is surely on my territory, it belongs to me. Smells good, too.’ For a pet parent, this can be an adorable sight – until you start wondering, is this safe? But remember, there’s much more to this topic than … Read more

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Do Cat Scratches Hurt: When to Worry and How to Heal

cat scratch on a person's leg

There’s nothing quite like the surprising sting of a cat scratch. We’ve all been there – peacefully petting our furry friend, when out of the blue, a sharp claw rakes across our skin. Should a cat scratch hurt, how much, and for how long? From learning what happens when a cat lightly scratches you to … Read more

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My Cat Sneezed in My Face! Now What?

gray tabby cat sneezing

There you were, enjoying a calm moment with your cat when ah-choo! Your furry friend sneezed directly into your face, leaving you blinking in surprise and perhaps a bit of concern. Now that you’ve wiped off the cat sneeze, you might be wondering why this unexpected event occurred in the first place and if you … Read more

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Drink to Purrfection: The Cat Hydration Handbook

gray and white cat drinking water from a bowl

A cat’s purr is as much a joy as it is a mystery, isn’t it? At times it’s a lullaby of contentment, at others, a subtle plea for help, especially when it comes to their hydration. As cat owners, we sometimes grapple with questions like – ‘Is my cat drinking enough water?’ or ‘Why won’t … Read more

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Scratched by a Stray Cat? Here’s Your Quick Safety Guide

person extending an arm toward a stray cat

Ouch! Stray cat scratches can be more than just a painful nuisance – they could be potentially hazardous. We understand the frustration you might feel when a seemingly harmless encounter with a local feline leaves you with a nasty scratch. Even worse, the uncertainty that follows can be alarming, questioning what potential risks may lie … Read more

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Why Cats Sit Weirdly: Fun Guide to Feline Positions

white and gray cat sitting strangely on black couch

Welcome to the wacky world of feline sitting positions. Cats are elegant, graceful creatures, until they’re not. Sometimes, they adopt positions that make us wonder if they forgot how to cat. You’ve seen it—the twisted limbs, the head-tilting sprawl, the lovable loafing that leaves you scratching your head. This article is your go-to guide for … Read more

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Banish Cat Dandruff: Simple Steps to Healthy Feline Skin

cat dandruff and skin issue

Seeing flakes on your cat’s fur can be puzzling, and more so, worrisome. You can’t help but question if the dandruff and dry skin are just a passing phase or signs of something more serious. You start to wonder if your usual grooming routine is not enough, or worse, causing this. We get it, and … Read more

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Ease Your Cat’s Separation Anxiety: Practical Tips

close up of brown gray tabby cat with blurry background

Has your feline friend been acting out whenever you’re away? Or perhaps you’ve noticed your normally independent kitty has become unusually clingy? These could be signs your cat is suffering from separation anxiety. Unlike dogs, cats have a reputation for being solitary creatures. But believe it or not, our feline companions can experience separation anxiety … Read more

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Can Kittens Have Rabies? A Guide to Safety

orange kitten looking up to camera while sitting down

We all love our little feline friends, and their playful energy brightens our day. But a concern may have been nagging at you lately: can kittens get rabies? As a devoted pet parent, your kitten’s health is paramount. By understanding how this virus works and the steps to prevent it, you can ensure your fluffy … Read more