Why Stray Dogs Band Together: Formation, Dynamics & Risks

3 stray dogs lying on the asphalt road

Stray dog packs – a puzzling sight and a dilemma for many city dwellers, stirring concerns about safety, dog welfare, and their impact on our urban ecosystem. While some people think they know this, they still often ask: Why do stray dogs typically form packs? The dynamics within these packs and how they go about … Read more

Why Do Stray Dogs Follow You? (and what to do about it)

three brown stray dogs in the street

A stray dog may be following for various reasons. The dog may be lost, abandoned, or has an owner, which you can tell by the collar or a tag around the neck. If you petted or fed the dog, he might now look at you as an owner. However, the dog might also be hostile … Read more