How to Teach Your Dog Emergency Recall

Minimalistic image of a dog swiftly responding to emergency recall

Imagine this: you’re at the park, your dog spots a squirrel, and it’s as if you’ve suddenly become invisible. Heart pounding, you wish you had a magic word to bring them back safely. That magic is called Emergency Recall, and guess what? It’s not as elusive as you might think. By the end of this … Read more

Shampoo in Dog’s Eyes: Is It Harmful & What to Do

brown dog with shampoo on their head and eyes

Do you dread bath time with your dog due to the risk of shampoo getting in their eyes? Are you worried about the potential harm it could cause? We understand your concerns. This short and simple guide can help you understand the risks, identify symptoms, and take preventative measures. Ready to be your dog’s bathing-time … Read more

Dog Poisoning: Spot Symptoms, Take Action, Save a Life

tricolor puppy dog lying on the floor

In the whirlwind that is pet ownership, one thing stands irrefutable – the wellbeing of our four-legged companions is paramount. But what happens when the unexpected hits? You’ve found a suspicious chewed-up plant, or perhaps an empty cleaning product container, with your curious canine nearby. Your heart rate skyrockets; the fear that your beloved pooch … Read more

From Scratches to Burns: Your Dog Injury Handbook

brown dog bandaged paw from injury

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often find ourselves thrown in the deep end with unexpected pet emergencies – a cut, a burn, an unexplained limp. Seeing our loyal canine companions in discomfort is a tough ordeal, almost as if we could feel their pain. But what if you could convert that … Read more

Help, My Dog Ate Metal: What Should I Do?

brown pug beside pet bowl doesn't want to eat

Ever witnessed your canine companion chow down on something they really shouldn’t have? The shock and fear is all too real. What should you do if your dog ate some metal? But, let’s dive deeper into what happens in such instances. As pet parents, it’s essential to understand our furry friends, their behaviors, and how … Read more

Essential Guide to Performing CPR on Your Dog

drawing of a woman performing CPR on a dog

Disclaimer: the blog post is intended to provide general advice only, and does not replace professional veterinary advice Facing a pet emergency can be scary and overwhelming. The mere thought of your furry friend in distress, especially when CPR becomes necessary, is a situation no dog parent wants to encounter. That said, being prepared could … Read more

Why Stray Dogs Band Together: Formation, Dynamics & Risks

3 stray dogs lying on the asphalt road

Stray dog packs – a puzzling sight and a dilemma for many city dwellers, stirring concerns about safety, dog welfare, and their impact on our urban ecosystem. While some people think they know this, they still often ask: Why do stray dogs typically form packs? The dynamics within these packs and how they go about … Read more

Pet Preparedness: Assembling Your Dog’s First Aid Kit

red first aid kit for dog on a wooden bench

Dog parks, long walks, frisbee games – owning a dog is pure joy until it’s not. Think of the panic and helplessness when Rex gets a paw injury or Daisy starts choking on a toy. These events can turn our joyful moments into stressful situations quickly. But here’s the good news – you can prepare … Read more

My Dog Ate Paper: What Now?

dog biting on toilet paper on the grass

Catching your dog chomping on a piece of paper can cause quite the scare, especially if it’s not the first time they’ve decided to turn your documents into an unexpected snack. The main concern here is whether it’s dangerous if your dog ate some paper. Depending on the amount and type of paper ingested, complications … Read more