How to Choose the Best Treats for Picky Dogs

Dog silhouette pondering over variety of treat shapes

Trying to find a snack that tickles your picky pooch’s fancy can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack made entirely of kibble. One minute they’re gobbling up a treat like it’s their last meal; the next, they’re turning their nose up at the very same snack. In this post, we’re going to … Read more

Guide to Guaranteed Analysis and Nutritional Adequacy for Dogs

Balanced scale with nutritional icons for dog well-being

Navigating the world of dog nutrition can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube—blindfolded. Every bag, can, or box of dog food promises the moon, yet your pooch seems less impressed with each meal. In this blog post, you’ll gain clear insights into what “guaranteed analysis” and “nutritional adequacy” really mean for your furry … Read more

Human foods that are safe and unsafe for dogs

Human foods that are safe and unsafe for dogs

You’re there chopping veggies for dinner, and those puppy dog eyes are giving you the ultimate guilt trip. Sharing is caring, but when it comes to our fur babies, not all human food is created equal. This blog post will serve up the sizzling facts, helping you navigate the do’s and don’ts of your dog’s … Read more

Dos and Don’ts of Giving Your Dog Treats

Dos and Don'ts of Giving Your Dog Treats

There’s a fine line between treating your dog and over-treating them, and finding that balance can sometimes feel like you’re trying to solve a Rubik’s cube in the dark. As loving pet parents, we’ve all been there, hovering over the treat jar, trying to decipher the do’s and don’ts like it’s canine hieroglyphics. In this … Read more

How to Choose the Right Supplements and Vitamins for Dogs

How to Choose the Right Supplements and Vitamins for Dogs

Picking the perfect pooch probiotics or deciphering the doggie vitamin code can make even the most devoted dog owner’s head spin. We’re inundated with options, all promising to be the magic bullet for our furry friends’ health and well-being. This blog post is your trusty companion, guiding you to make informed and safe choices about … Read more

Managing Dog Food Allergies with Proper Diet: Solutions & Tips

Managing Dog Food Allergies with Proper Diet

Sniffles and itches shouldn’t come between your pup and their dinner bowl. Managing a dog’s food allergies can feel like a guessing game where the rules are always changing. In this post, you’ll get practical advice on navigating the world of canine food sensitivities and making mealtime a happy, itch-free occasion again. Key takeaways: What … Read more

How to Spot & Address Food Allergies in Dogs

black and brown dog lying on blanket

Notice something odd about your beloved canine companion? Perhaps an unusual obsession with scratching, chewing, or licking certain parts of their body? This might just be your first clue that your four-legged friend is dealing with food allergies, an issue that’s not always straightforward to figure out. But before the worry sets in, let’s put … Read more

Essential Vitamins & Minerals for Dogs: What and How to Include

golden retriever dog on a leash outside in the leaves forest (written: 'A B C Vitamins & Minerals)

Imagine knowing exactly what nutrients your dog needs and why. Picture the peace of mind that comes with that knowledge. That’s what we’re here for. This guide will break down the essential vitamins and minerals for dogs, their roles, and how to ensure your furry friend is getting enough. We’re about to dive into the … Read more

Good Carb, Bad Carb: How Much & What to Feed Your Dog

sweet potatoes, pumpkin and other food on table

Choosing the right food for your furry friend can sometimes feel like navigating an obstacle course. Is the food nutrient-dense? Will it accommodate my dog’s unique needs? What about carbohydrates? With so many questions and so many brands vying for your attention, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Fear not, because this blog post is here … Read more