Easily Teach Your Cat ‘Off’: A Step-by-Step Guide

brown cat on the kitchen counter

Has your cat ever made a leap of faith onto your precious antique table, only to send your heart racing? Or perhaps they’ve developed a knack for clambering onto the kitchen counter, leading to a wild chase around the house. As a fellow cat parent, I’ve been there, and I can tell you – it’s … Read more

How to Train Your Cat to “Leave It” (lifesaver command)

white and black cat biting a green statue of liberty figurine

Ever wished you had a magic word to stop your feline friend from pouncing on your prized houseplants or swatting at your precious collectibles? Training your cat to “Leave it” could be the answer to your prayers. Now, we know cats have a reputation for being free spirits, but with patience and a touch of … Read more

Why Yelling at Your Dog Does More Harm Than Good

brown puppy lying on papers next to bowl

As dog parents, we’ve all had moments of frustration when our furry friends just don’t seem to listen. It can be tempting to raise our voices in these instances, but is this really the best way to communicate? So let’s explore the world from our dog’s perspective and why a different, more compassionate communication approach … Read more

Train Your Cat to ‘Stay’ in Easy Steps

gray and white cat standing indoors

There’s something both cute and frustrating about that look your cat gives you when you command it to “stay”, and it promptly does the exact opposite. It’s as if their sense of defiance is wired directly into their DNA, a nonchalant rebellion that leaves you exasperated. That furry little soul of independence that we all … Read more

Guide to Correcting Your Dog’s Wrong Actions (the right way)

guilty looking black and white dog on the bed

Waking up to another chewed-up shoe? Staring in disbelief at the overturned trash can, with your dog looking guiltily on? Ah, the joys of dog ownership. Sometimes, you may wonder how on earth you’re supposed to communicate with your dog about their missteps. The trick is to communicate in a language your dog understands – … Read more

The Truth About Dog Whisperers: Real Skills or Just Hype?

man petting a black dog in the park

Lost in a sea of barks and whimpers, you might have wondered: “Can I communicate better with my dog? Could a ‘dog whisperer’ help, and are they for real?” They claim to interpret canine body language and signals to establish a stronger connection between humans and their furry friends. But as with many things that … Read more

Beyond Treats: Diversify Your Dog Training with Praise & Toys

smiling woman petting a brown dog outside

In the thick of training, it can be a real challenge when you’ve run out of treats. My very own Sam, always eager to please, looks at me in anticipation, as if hoping I’ll pull out something tasty out of nowhere. Yet my other pooch, Charlie, seems to care more about sniffing out the treat … Read more

Training Treats 101: The Role of Rewards in Dog Training

brown dog wearing a hat made out of training treats

Has your playful furball turned into a stubborn pet refusing to follow commands? Or maybe you’ve been trying to teach your new puppy some basic commands and manners, but all your efforts seem to be falling on deaf ears. We get it, training a dog can sometimes feel like trying to convince a toddler why … Read more

Loose Leash Walking: Train Your Dog for Stress-Free Strolls

woman in black suit loose leash walking a white dog

Tired of being dragged around the block by your overenthusiastic furry friend? Longing for peaceful strolls, where you can both enjoy your surroundings and connect with your canine companion? You’re in the right place. Like you, many pet owners struggle with teaching their dogs to walk calmly on a leash, making daily walks a test … Read more