Do Cats Like Hot or Cold Weather? (An Owner’s Guide)

brown and white cat sleeping on wooden porch

Summer sun shines and your cat basks blissfully, absorbing every ray. Come winter, that same feline seeks warmth, curling up cozily. Ever wondered what temperature your cat truly prefers? Dive into this guide to feline comfort and discover how to keep them content in any climate. Key takeaways: What Temperature Range Do Cats Prefer? Cats … Read more

Kitten Relocation: How Far and Why Mother Cats Do It

brown cat and her kitten lying on the porch

Ever discovered a mother cat relocating her fuzzy little furballs? It’s a sight that evokes intrigue, admiration, and a touch of worry. Why do they do this, and how far can they take the kittens? Observing nature, especially the meticulous behavior of mother cats, unfolds stories of survival, care, and strategic brilliance. Dive deeper, and … Read more

Adult Cat Eating Your Kitten’s Food? Here’s Why & What to Do

orange cat next to white ceramic bowl

Ever found yourself puzzled, watching your adult cat sneakily munching on your kitten’s food? You’re not alone – it’s a common feline conundrum many cat owners face. But why does this happen, and how to stop it? But there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. We’re about to delve into the reasons … Read more

Black Tabby Cat: Personality, Characteristics & More

black tabby cat sleeping on the couch

Ever admired the intriguing patterns of a black tabby cat? Whether it’s their swirling coats, the majestic ‘M’ on their forehead, or their striking green eyes, black tabby cats certainly have a unique charm. However, they also seem to carry a shroud of mystery. Are they a breed? What’s behind those distinctive black stripes? And … Read more

Do Cat Scratches Hurt: When to Worry and How to Heal

cat scratch on a person's leg

There’s nothing quite like the surprising sting of a cat scratch. We’ve all been there – peacefully petting our furry friend, when out of the blue, a sharp claw rakes across our skin. Should a cat scratch hurt, how much, and for how long? From learning what happens when a cat lightly scratches you to … Read more

Why Do Cats Say No and Nom? (The True Meaning)

gray cat eating food from the sidewalk

Ever wondered why your furry friend starts to chatter, almost sounding like they’re saying “No” or “Nom nom nom“? Perhaps you’ve noticed it when they’re focused on their meal, or when they’re fervently expressing disapproval. Why do cats do this? With a diverse range of vocalizations, understanding your cat’s language can be a fascinating journey. … Read more

Drink to Purrfection: The Cat Hydration Handbook

gray and white cat drinking water from a bowl

A cat’s purr is as much a joy as it is a mystery, isn’t it? At times it’s a lullaby of contentment, at others, a subtle plea for help, especially when it comes to their hydration. As cat owners, we sometimes grapple with questions like – ‘Is my cat drinking enough water?’ or ‘Why won’t … Read more

Why Do Cats Get Paralyzed When You Grab Their Neck?

person scruffing a brown cat

Ever wondered why your furry friend seems to freeze when you grab the scruff of their neck? It’s a common question that leaves many cat parents puzzled and even a bit concerned. Unveiling the mysteries of your cat’s behavior can bring you closer to understanding your pet and fostering a deeper bond. Now, let’s dig … Read more

Are You Underfeeding Your Cat? Essentials of Cat Feeding

gray tabby cat licking its lips

Are you constantly doubting if your furry friend is getting enough to eat? This nagging worry is more common than you think. Among the sea of online advice and cat food brands, it’s easy to lose sight of how much your cat really needs. We’ve all been there, counting each morsel and trying to match … Read more