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Why is My Cat So Big? Exploring Causes and Solutions

Large cat sitting majestically in a simple setting

Have you ever looked at your cat and wondered if it’s been secretly raiding the fridge when you’re not around? Or perhaps you worry that maybe, just maybe, your furry friend is morphing into a mini tiger. Your not-so-little companion has been raising eyebrows (and perhaps the scales), leading you to ponder, “Why is my … Read more

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Why is my cat so long? (exploring feline length)

A long cat stretching on a sofa

If you’ve ever found yourself staring, perplexed, at your feline friend stretched out in all their lengthy glory, wondering if they’re part cat, part noodle, you’re not alone. Cats come in all shapes and sizes, but some seem to take the stretchy factor to a whole new level. In this post, we’ll unravel the mystery … Read more

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Black Tabby Cat: Personality, Characteristics & More

black tabby cat sleeping on the couch

Ever admired the intriguing patterns of a black tabby cat? Whether it’s their swirling coats, the majestic ‘M’ on their forehead, or their striking green eyes, black tabby cats certainly have a unique charm. However, they also seem to carry a shroud of mystery. Are they a breed? What’s behind those distinctive black stripes? And … Read more