Cat Drank Chocolate Milk: Is it Harmful & What to Do

white cat next to mug looking to drink

Imagine that you’re a curious cat. You look at some spilled chocolate milk and think: ‘This is surely on my territory, it belongs to me. Smells good, too.’ For a pet parent, this can be an adorable sight – until you start wondering, is this safe? But remember, there’s much more to this topic than … Read more

Cat Food Labels: Meaning, Guidelines & What to Look for

kirkland wet cat food pate ingredients box

Decoding cat food labels, huh? It feels like you need a degree in nutrition or deciphering ancient hieroglyphics to get it right. The perplexing jargon, the never-ending list of ingredients, and the vague feeding guidelines – it’s a maze out there. Rest assured, we’ve all been in that grocery aisle, cat food tin in hand, … Read more

Wet Cat Food Simplified: Nutrition, Benefits, and Selection

gray hungry cat standing on the counter top

Picture this: You’re standing in the pet food aisle, surrounded by colorful cans, pouches, and bags with delectable images of gourmet meals for felines. It’s overwhelming, right? We’ve all been there, wondering which choice is the healthiest, tastiest, and most beneficial for our beloved furballs. And it gets particularly tricky when we reach the wet … Read more

Are Raw Diets Right for Cats? Pros and Cons Uncovered

two kittens eating raw food out of a bowl

Ever wondered if your fluffy feline could swap their usual mealtime fare for a tantalizing plate of raw food? It’s a big question that’s gnawing at the minds of countless cat parents today. In the US, about 3 to 4% of cat owners buy raw cat foods, but how safe is this diet? And what … Read more

My Cat Sneezed in My Face! Now What?

gray tabby cat sneezing

There you were, enjoying a calm moment with your cat when ah-choo! Your furry friend sneezed directly into your face, leaving you blinking in surprise and perhaps a bit of concern. Now that you’ve wiped off the cat sneeze, you might be wondering why this unexpected event occurred in the first place and if you … Read more

Kitten to Elder: Spot-on Nutrition for Every Life Stage

white cat and orange cat eating from a plate

Let’s talk cat food! If you’re a cat parent, you know how tricky it can be to pick the right meal for your feline friend. Is your kitten getting enough protein? Does your adult cat need that diet formula? Is your senior kitty missing out on crucial nutrients? These questions, and many more, often crowd … Read more

Drink to Purrfection: The Cat Hydration Handbook

gray and white cat drinking water from a bowl

A cat’s purr is as much a joy as it is a mystery, isn’t it? At times it’s a lullaby of contentment, at others, a subtle plea for help, especially when it comes to their hydration. As cat owners, we sometimes grapple with questions like – ‘Is my cat drinking enough water?’ or ‘Why won’t … Read more

Boost Your Cat’s Health: Essential Vitamins and Minerals

gray and white tabby cat resting near the window

Have you ever watched your cat chow down on its food and wondered, “Is she getting everything she needs from this meal?” Cats, just like humans, require a balanced diet, complete with specific vitamins and minerals to thrive. But sometimes, the commercial pet food aisle can be a dizzying maze of options, all promising optimal … Read more

Are You Underfeeding Your Cat? Essentials of Cat Feeding

gray tabby cat licking its lips

Are you constantly doubting if your furry friend is getting enough to eat? This nagging worry is more common than you think. Among the sea of online advice and cat food brands, it’s easy to lose sight of how much your cat really needs. We’ve all been there, counting each morsel and trying to match … Read more