Pros and Cons of Technology in Cat Behavior Management

picture of a cat standing next to technological devices

Managing a feline’s feisty behavior with technology isn’t just about flashy gadgets; it’s about understanding the whiskered wonder in your life. Between the latest tech trends and your cat’s ninth life, finding harmony can sometimes feel like herding cats. In this blog post, you’ll discover how technology can shape the discipline and happiness of your … Read more

How to Use Tech Tools in Your Cat Training Routine

hand pressing a button next to phone app with a cat

Cats are like the enigmatic, agile ninjas of the pet world, effortlessly leaping onto counters with a grace that might both astonish and vex you. Now, intertwining the magic of technology with the ancestral wisdom of cat training might just be the game-changer you didn’t know you needed. In this blog post, we’re going to … Read more

Training Strategies for Older Cats: How to Keep Them Healthy

Older cat actively engaging with a toy in a natural setting

Whoever said you can’t teach an old cat new tricks didn’t have the right treats—or strategy, for that matter. When it comes to our senior feline friends, keeping them healthy and active isn’t just a wish; it’s a necessity wrapped in a fur coat. In this blog post, you’ll discover targeted, effective training strategies specifically … Read more

Unlock Outdoor Adventures: Easy Cat Leash Training

brown cat on leash and red harness lying on the road_2

Ever felt like your indoor cat is yearning for some fresh air? Or perhaps you’re grappling with the challenges of relocating a previously outdoor cat to a safer, indoor environment? We get it, and that’s exactly why we’re here. Leash training your cat might be the answer to these problems, but it’s more than just … Read more

Fun & Easy Cat Trick Training: Teach a High-Five Today!

brown and white cat standing on furniture

Picture this: your feline friend, always so full of mystery, suddenly jumping through a hoop or giving you a high-five. Not quite there yet? We get it. Training your cat to do tricks might feel like trying to catch a sunbeam. It’s tricky, sometimes frustrating, and leaves you wondering if it’s even possible. But here’s … Read more

Easily Teach Your Cat ‘Off’: A Step-by-Step Guide

brown cat on the kitchen counter

Has your cat ever made a leap of faith onto your precious antique table, only to send your heart racing? Or perhaps they’ve developed a knack for clambering onto the kitchen counter, leading to a wild chase around the house. As a fellow cat parent, I’ve been there, and I can tell you – it’s … Read more

How to Train Your Cat to “Leave It” (lifesaver command)

white and black cat biting a green statue of liberty figurine

Ever wished you had a magic word to stop your feline friend from pouncing on your prized houseplants or swatting at your precious collectibles? Training your cat to “Leave it” could be the answer to your prayers. Now, we know cats have a reputation for being free spirits, but with patience and a touch of … Read more

Train Your Cat to ‘Stay’ in Easy Steps

gray and white cat standing indoors

There’s something both cute and frustrating about that look your cat gives you when you command it to “stay”, and it promptly does the exact opposite. It’s as if their sense of defiance is wired directly into their DNA, a nonchalant rebellion that leaves you exasperated. That furry little soul of independence that we all … Read more

How to Make Your Cat Sit in Simple Steps [No Fuss Guide]

brown bengal cat sitting on white chair

Got a kitty that won’t sit? We get it. Training a cat isn’t as straightforward as teaching a dog. The disdainful looks and the half-hearted attempts can be frustrating. Yet, it’s possible, even fun, to train your cat to sit. In this guide, we’ll explain a bit about cat behavior, tackle the intricacies of training, … Read more