Do Cat Scratches Hurt: When to Worry and How to Heal

cat scratch on a person's leg

There’s nothing quite like the surprising sting of a cat scratch. We’ve all been there – peacefully petting our furry friend, when out of the blue, a sharp claw rakes across our skin. Should a cat scratch hurt, how much, and for how long? From learning what happens when a cat lightly scratches you to … Read more

My Cat Sneezed in My Face! Now What?

gray tabby cat sneezing

There you were, enjoying a calm moment with your cat when ah-choo! Your furry friend sneezed directly into your face, leaving you blinking in surprise and perhaps a bit of concern. Now that you’ve wiped off the cat sneeze, you might be wondering why this unexpected event occurred in the first place and if you … Read more

Scratched by a Stray Cat? Here’s Your Quick Safety Guide

person extending an arm toward a stray cat

Ouch! Stray cat scratches can be more than just a painful nuisance – they could be potentially hazardous. We understand the frustration you might feel when a seemingly harmless encounter with a local feline leaves you with a nasty scratch. Even worse, the uncertainty that follows can be alarming, questioning what potential risks may lie … Read more

Can Humans and Dogs Share Prednisone? Know the Risks

orange bottle with red pills outside

Ever found yourself pondering if your own prednisone prescription could help your pet during their discomfort? Or perhaps you’ve considered using your pet’s prednisone? These are common questions for those with access to prednisone, both for personal and pet use. This guide will help your with the specifics of prednisone for dogs and its difference … Read more

What If You Swallow Cat Hair? Health Facts & Clean-Up Tips

white and brown cat with whiskers and hair up close

We all know how cat hair has a way of finding itself in the most unexpected places. A reality of living with our feline companions is that sometimes, we might find ourselves swallowing some. Now you’re wondering, what happens if you swallow cat hair? However, that doesn’t mean you should start adding cat hair to … Read more

Scared of Dogs but Want One? (5 Things to Do)

golden retriever on the green field

Having a dog should be a fun and rewarding experience. Starting out with a fear of dogs and then getting a puppy is not a good strategy. It might work, but it’s a backward approach that risks backfiring. So, if you are genuinely afraid of dogs, don’t get one just yet. You must be self-assured … Read more

I Want a Cat, but My Dad/Mom/Husband Is Allergic (Solution)

man wiping nose with tissue paper

So you want a cat, but someone at your house is allergic, and they sneeze or have itchy eyes. What can you do? Well, several things can make a big difference. First, test their allergies to different cat breeds at a shelter. In addition, you can keep the cat only on hardwood floors, use leather/vinyl … Read more

Can Cats Be Born With Rabies?

brown cat lying on wooden planks

Rabies is a virus that infects the brain and nerves. It’s a severe disease, and it’s natural to worry whether your pets will get it, especially kittens. Can they be born with it, though? Kittens would almost certainly not be born with rabies because the placenta does an excellent job of keeping maternal and fetal … Read more