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Geology-Inspired Dog Names: Unique Earthy and Gem Choices

black dog sitting on a rock in the mountains

The quest for the perfect dog name can be as rocky as a mountain trail. You want something unique, memorable, and just right for your furry companion’s personality, but with so many options out there, it can feel like you’re trying to find a rare mineral in a vast quarry. But have you ever considered … Read more

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Can German Shepherds Thrive as Indoor Dogs?

german shepherd lying on bed with sunlight going through window

Finding the perfect canine companion for your living situation can be tricky. If you’re wondering whether German Shepherds make good indoor dogs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll provide you with helpful tips and insights to ensure that your German Shepherd thrives indoors, making your home a haven for both of you. What Makes … Read more

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Unique Names for One-Eyed Dogs: Inspiring Ideas

whit one-eyed dog sitting outside in grass

Welcoming a one-eyed dog into your life is a heartwarming experience filled with love and appreciation for their unique character. As a fellow pet owner, I understand that finding the perfect name for your special pup can be both exciting and challenging. One-eyed dogs can lead normal, fulfilling lives, and their names should celebrate their … Read more

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Tipping Your Dog Groomer: How Much Is Fair at PetSmart?

white dog ready to be groomed at petsmart

Navigating the world of tipping etiquette can be a bit of a minefield, especially when it comes to services like dog grooming at PetSmart. Are you supposed to tip, and if so, how much? As you dive into this blog post, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to handle tipping groomers at PetSmart and … Read more

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Your Guide to Emotional Support Dogs: Process & Tips

yellow labrador retriever support dog on a harness outside

Taking the first steps towards having an emotional support dog can feel complex, especially while handling mental health difficulties. Between understanding the process and finding the perfect pet pal, the journey might seem overwhelming. But worry not, I’m here to guide you through the ins and outs of getting an emotional support dog, based on … Read more

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Do Dogs Like Leashes? (why keep a dog on a leash)

man walking a white dog on a leash near sunflowers

Whether dogs like leashes will mostly depend on how the leash is used and how well-trained and socialized the dog is. This article explores whether dogs like being on leashes, whether there are any benefits off-leash, and whether you should walk the dog leashed or off-leash. Do Dogs Like Being on a Leash? Whether a … Read more

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Why ‘Dog Years’? The Truth Behind Canine Aging

short coated black and white puppy playing in sand

The concept of a dog year in human years can provide light on the aging process. We’ve been adjusting the gap in average lifespan between dogs and humans by using dog years for some time now. Why do we do this? Curiously, this way of equating dog age to human age has roots in early … Read more

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Scared of Dogs but Want One? (5 Things to Do)

golden retriever on the green field

Having a dog should be a fun and rewarding experience. Starting out with a fear of dogs and then getting a puppy is not a good strategy. It might work, but it’s a backward approach that risks backfiring. So, if you are genuinely afraid of dogs, don’t get one just yet. You must be self-assured … Read more

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Petco Dog Groomers: Should You Tip and How Much?

Petco store front in Springfield Missouri

I’ve taken my dog to Petco many times, and just like you, I wondered if I should tip the dog groomer. While it may not be obvious to some, here’s the answer: This article explores why, when, how, and how much to tip a dog groomer at Petco. It’s a quick and easy guide to … Read more