Transform Playtime: Train Your Dog with Toys

black and white dog holding a brown plush toy

Think of your dog’s face when they see a new toy – that instant spark of curiosity, the wagging tail, those prancing paws. And yet, with the thrill of a new plaything also comes the challenge of effective toy use for training.  Many of us have encountered our pets losing interest in their toys, or … Read more

How to Choose the Right Training Toys for Your Dog

brown and black dog tugging on a toy

Got a lively rover that chews through training toys faster than lightning? Or perhaps you’re scratching your head, wondering why your dog seems to prefer your slippers over that fancy toy you just bought? Finding the perfect training toy for your dog is highly rewarding. And it’s not rocket science – it just requires a … Read more

The Underrated Role of Toys in Dog Training

white dog running on grass field carrying a toy

Challenged by the endless tug-o-war with your dog during training? Fed up with treats disappearing faster than they motivate? Hold onto your leash – toys might be your next best training tool. Remember those captivating squeaky toys and fuzzy stuffed animals? They are not just items of entertainment but can also serve as a secret … Read more

Boost Your Dog’s Happiness with Interactive Toys (Guide)

brown dog lying on bed next to kong toy

Paws up if your dog’s energy levels seem endless! We get it – those wagging tails and playful barks can be tough to keep up with. But have you considered that Fido might be craving something more than just physical exercise? Sometimes, it’s not a longer walk or an extra fetch game your pup needs, … Read more

Best Dog Dental Toys for Healthy Gums and Teeth

brown and white dog chewing on a blue toy

Paws up if the sight of your dog joyously gnawing on a favorite chew toy is one of your favorite pastimes. But when that chew toy doubles as a dental care tool, well, that’s a whole new level of tail-wagging happiness! While it’s all fun and games on the surface, your dog’s oral hygiene can … Read more

Beyond Treats: Diversify Your Dog Training with Praise & Toys

smiling woman petting a brown dog outside

In the thick of training, it can be a real challenge when you’ve run out of treats. My very own Sam, always eager to please, looks at me in anticipation, as if hoping I’ll pull out something tasty out of nowhere. Yet my other pooch, Charlie, seems to care more about sniffing out the treat … Read more

Chew on This: Why Do Dogs Chew and How to Redirect

black and white short coated dog lying and chewing on sneakers

Have you ever come home to a scene straight out of a horror movie, with your favorite pair of shoes reduced to a pile of unrecognizable shreds? Or perhaps, discovered your wooden furniture adorned with a new set of chew marks? If this sounds all too familiar, you and your dog are in the right … Read more

Is Silly String Toxic to Dogs? (safety facts revealed)

two dogs with silly string and a can in mouth

For the most part, the Silly String is relatively safe for dogs. However, it’s different when ingested, and here’s why. While the Silly String is non-toxic, the product contains gastrointestinal and mucous membrane irritants Isopropyl Alcohol and Tetrafluoroethane. These components can cause dogs to vomit, have diarrhea, and develop stomach ulcers. A lot of Silly … Read more

Is Helium Safe for Dogs? The Truth Behind the Fun

hellium ballons of various colors in the air

Helium can seem like a fun thing to do to your dog, but you should be extremely cautious. While the gas itself is inert and doesn’t directly harm, the effect of what it does can be fatal. Here’s why. Helium might seem harmless due to its common presence in parties and celebrations, but its effect … Read more