Can a Chocolate Chip Hurt Your Dog? (exploring toxicity)

person holding chocolate chip cookie

Seeing your dog eyeing that stray piece of a chocolate chip cookie fallen from the kitchen counter can cause a moment of panic. Is that little morsel really a threat to your beloved pet? Knowing that even a small indulgence could pose risks should put us all on guard. Not all treats are created equal … Read more

High-Value Treats: How to Choose the Best for Your Dog

person giving a treat to a brown dog while performing standing trick

Welcome, dog owners and aspiring trainers! We know you’re here because you’ve seen the glint in your dog’s eye when you pull out a special treat – something a notch above their daily kibble. Yet you might find yourself overwhelmed with the plethora of treats available, uncertain about which will help your dog flourish during … Read more

Low-Value Dog Treats: How to Choose the Best

person giving a small treat to a brown and white dog during daytime

Ever felt like you’re practically tossing out a steak every time you want your dog to sit or stay? You aren’t the only one. Those high-value treats can start to feel like a rib-eye served on a silver platter, especially when your pup decides he needs an encore. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you … Read more

Beyond Treats: Diversify Your Dog Training with Praise & Toys

smiling woman petting a brown dog outside

In the thick of training, it can be a real challenge when you’ve run out of treats. My very own Sam, always eager to please, looks at me in anticipation, as if hoping I’ll pull out something tasty out of nowhere. Yet my other pooch, Charlie, seems to care more about sniffing out the treat … Read more

How to Choose the Right Training Treats for Your Dog

a close up of brown and black dog surrounded by various training treats

Diving into the world of dog training treats can feel overwhelming. With so many options claiming to be the ‘best choice,’ where do you start? We understand your dilemma. This guide will demystify the process, covering everything from nutritional content to dietary needs, taste preferences, and the pros and cons of store-bought vs. homemade treats. … Read more

Training Treats 101: The Role of Rewards in Dog Training

brown dog wearing a hat made out of training treats

Has your playful furball turned into a stubborn pet refusing to follow commands? Or maybe you’ve been trying to teach your new puppy some basic commands and manners, but all your efforts seem to be falling on deaf ears. We get it, training a dog can sometimes feel like trying to convince a toddler why … Read more

Are Dollar Tree Dog Treats Safe for Your Pet?

six types of dollar store dog treats

Are Dollar Tree dog treats a smart bargain or a hidden hazard for your furry friend? Many pet owners find themselves torn between savings and safety when it comes to these affordable treats.  To help you navigate the world of dollar store pet treats, we’ll provide essential tips and insights that will empower you to … Read more

Are Grape Leaves Safe for Dogs? Facts & Risks Uncovered

a plate of food with stuffed grape leaves

The mysterious relationship between dogs and grape leaves leaves many pet owners puzzled. Are these seemingly harmless leaves a threat to your furry friend’s health? Dive into this article to learn more about grape toxicity, its symptoms, and how to protect your four-legged companion from potential dangers. Are Grape Leaves Toxic to Dogs? There is … Read more

How to Keep Dog Treats From Getting Hard? (Practical tips)

a close up of two pieces of dog treats on read surface

We’ve all faced the frustration of reaching for a dog treat only to find it rock-hard and unappealing. But don’t worry, there’s a simple solution to this common problem. In this post, we’ll explore practical tips and techniques to ensure your furry friend enjoys soft, delicious treats every time. Why Do Dog Treats Become Hard … Read more