Choosing Dog Toothpaste: Ingredients to Look for And Avoid

person holding brown dog's head with open mouth

Navigating the world of pet dental care? That’s quite the endeavor! There’s a whole lot more to keeping those canine canines sparkly clean than you might imagine. And it all starts with the choice of the right toothpaste. We’re all looking for that tail-wagging approval from our furry friends, but safety and effectiveness take the … Read more

Brush Up: Selecting and Using Your Dog’s Toothbrush

person using a toothbrush on a dog with pink hat

Every pup owner knows, dogs are not just pets, they’re family. And as family, we want to give them the best – from the comfiest bed to the most nutritious food. Yet, one aspect often overlooked is dental hygiene. It might seem trivial, with the array of chew toys and treats that promise to keep … Read more

Professional Dog Dental Cleanings: Your Guide to the Process

long-coated brown dog with white teeth looking up

The world of pet ownership isn’t always wagging tails and cute cuddles. Sometimes, it comes with responsibilities that are as difficult as they are necessary. Picture this: You’re relaxing at home, your faithful canine companion beside you, and you suddenly notice a strong, unpleasant odor. You turn towards your dog, and with a sinking feeling, … Read more

Dog Dental Problems: How to Spot and Prevent

brown and white beagle dog sideways blurry background

Opening the door to find your furry best friend with tail wagging and a sloppy kiss at the ready—it’s a dog owner’s everyday delight. But what if this happy reunion is followed by a whiff of…oh dear, doggie bad breath? Or worse, what if your once-enthusiastic chewer loses interest in their favorite toy, showing signs … Read more

Best Dog Dental Toys for Healthy Gums and Teeth

brown and white dog chewing on a blue toy

Paws up if the sight of your dog joyously gnawing on a favorite chew toy is one of your favorite pastimes. But when that chew toy doubles as a dental care tool, well, that’s a whole new level of tail-wagging happiness! While it’s all fun and games on the surface, your dog’s oral hygiene can … Read more

Brushing Your Dog Teeth: Easy Guide for Beginners

brown and white corgi brushing teeth

Paws up if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mere thought of brushing your dog’s teeth. You’re not alone! So many of us fret about causing discomfort to our beloved pooch, or just wonder if it’s really necessary. Isn’t the natural action of chewing enough to keep their teeth clean? Then there’s the wrangling involved – … Read more

Which Dogs Have the Biggest and Best Teeth?

german shepherd showing big teeth while panting

Tooth size is proportional to dog size. The larger the dog, the more prominent teeth they have. Some dogs have large teeth considering their size. Which breeds are those? Pound for pound, Scottish Terriers have the biggest canine teeth. Some breeds with the largest teeth include Airedales, German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds, and Malinois. Smaller dog … Read more

The Truth About Why Dogs Have Whiter Teeth Than Us

white and black dog showing teeth

Many dogs have naturally white teeth but don’t always remain white. So what makes them white in the first place compared to us? Humans, unlike dogs, consume sugar-rich foods leading to dental problems. Sugar intensifies bacteria in our mouths. However, dogs aren’t typically exposed to our main teeth-staining culprits: tea, coffee, soda, and juices, which … Read more