Dog Playtime: Creative Fun & Safe Practices

Silhouette of a dog joyfully leaping for a frisbee

Toying with the idea of another game of fetch with Fido? You’re not alone in thinking this might just be the millionth throw. But hey, your arm is getting a workout, right? Let’s face it: keeping playtime fresh and fun for our furry friends can be more brain-busting than teaching them to sit. That’s where … Read more

Transform Playtime: Train Your Dog with Toys

black and white dog holding a brown plush toy

Think of your dog’s face when they see a new toy – that instant spark of curiosity, the wagging tail, those prancing paws. And yet, with the thrill of a new plaything also comes the challenge of effective toy use for training.  Many of us have encountered our pets losing interest in their toys, or … Read more

Mastering Fetch: A Complete Guide for You and Your Dog

white and black dog running and retrieving a stick in its mouth

Playing fetch with your furry friend can bring joy and laughter, but sometimes it can feel like a chore if your dog doesn’t cooperate or simply gets bored. You might be wondering how to make this classic game more engaging for both you and your canine companion. In this blog post, we’ll unlock the secrets … Read more

Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Your Dog “High Five”

woman and white dog giving high five each other outside

Are you tired of the same old tricks with your dog and looking for something fun and exciting to spice up your training sessions? Does your dog seem to have boundless energy that you’re struggling to channel into something productive? You’re in luck – we have just what you’re looking for! In this post, we’re … Read more

Teach Your Dog to Shake Paws: Fun Bonding & New Skills

white dog gives paw to a person outside

Shaking hands isn’t just a polite greeting among humans—it’s also a fun and engaging trick to teach your furry friend! If you’ve ever struggled with finding ways to bond with your dog or wished you could impress friends with your pup’s impeccable manners, teaching the shake or paw command is a great solution. As a … Read more

Mastering the Roll Over Trick: Tips for Training Your Dog

adult golden retriever rolling over on the ground

Ah, the classic “Roll Over” command—a trick that can elicit a chorus of “awws” from onlookers while showcasing your pup’s obedience skills. But have you ever found yourself struggling to teach your dog this seemingly simple command, feeling both frustrated and a little envious of those picture-perfect dogs on social media? Don’t worry, I’ve been … Read more

Is It Normal for a Puppy to Growl at Toys?

brown and white puppy on grass looking up to camera

Growling can be concerning when you get a new dog. Puppies show this behavior often, which can be puzzling to some dog owners. For the most part, growling is very typical during play, especially if they’re happy for you to take the toy away. Puppies will usually play-growl and may even bark occasionally. However, some … Read more