Easily Stop Dog Leash Pulling (Effective Aids and Tips)

brown dog wearing a harness outside on daylight

Welcome, dog lover! If you’ve ever returned home from a walk with your furry friend feeling like you’ve just been put through a vigorous weight-pulling competition, we get you. The simple joy of a leisurely stroll can quickly become a struggle with a leash-pulling pup in tow. Imagine, instead, a walk where your arm doesn’t … Read more

Loose Leash Walking: Train Your Dog for Stress-Free Strolls

woman in black suit loose leash walking a white dog

Tired of being dragged around the block by your overenthusiastic furry friend? Longing for peaceful strolls, where you can both enjoy your surroundings and connect with your canine companion? You’re in the right place. Like you, many pet owners struggle with teaching their dogs to walk calmly on a leash, making daily walks a test … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Training Leashes

black dog with blue harness walking next to owner on the road

Just the other day, I was taking my good ol’ Sam for a walk, feeling pretty confident with our new training leash—until it snapped, sending him on an impromptu squirrel-chasing adventure. Talk about a heart-stopping moment! If you’ve ever experienced the panic of a leash mishap or struggled to find the right one to help … Read more

Prong Collar Not Working? Solutions for Pulling Dogs

prong collar on a black dog outside during daytime

Walking your dog should be a pleasure, not a battle of wills. If your dog continues to pull despite using a prong collar, it can be both frustrating and exhausting. Why does this happen? But don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand why this might be happening and offer practical solutions for a more … Read more

Mastering Strong Dog Walks: Techniques & Gear

brown dog pulling on a leash on gray leaves outside

Walking a dog is often necessary. Walking a dog that’s stronger than you can be challenging and even intimidating. Struggling to maintain control while avoiding injury is a real concern for many dog owners. The key to walking a strong dog is combining proper training techniques, using the right gear, and establishing yourself as the … Read more

Leash Training Your Dog: A Beginner’s Guide

white and brown corgi biting on a leash on grass

Are you tired of being dragged around the block by your enthusiastic canine friend? Imagine a walk in the park that’s smooth sailing, with you and your dog enjoying each other’s company without any strain.  Leash training is the key to unlocking this harmonious experience, and this guide has everything you need to embark on … Read more

Do Dogs Like Leashes? (why keep a dog on a leash)

man walking a white dog on a leash near sunflowers

Whether dogs like leashes will mostly depend on how the leash is used and how well-trained and socialized the dog is. This article explores whether dogs like being on leashes, whether there are any benefits off-leash, and whether you should walk the dog leashed or off-leash. Do Dogs Like Being on a Leash? Whether a … Read more