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How Many Dogs Are Too Many? American Household Insights

woman in ripped pants walking 5 dogs on leashes in countryside

Pet ownership is a joy and responsibility, merging emotions with practical aspects. But when it comes to our canine companions, just how many is the right number? Every dog deserves individual attention and care. So, while there’s an undeniable charm in a house bustling with wagging tails, it’s crucial to ensure each one experiences a … Read more

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Bonded Leather vs. Dogs: Is It Truly Durable?

Bonded leather furniture can be pretty cheap, but its durability is what many people ask me about. How durable is bonded leather? Bonded leather can last long with the dog in the house, depending on the quality. A poor quality leather will peel and break within a year, while a polished top-grain leather may be … Read more