Drink to Purrfection: The Cat Hydration Handbook

gray and white cat drinking water from a bowl

A cat’s purr is as much a joy as it is a mystery, isn’t it? At times it’s a lullaby of contentment, at others, a subtle plea for help, especially when it comes to their hydration. As cat owners, we sometimes grapple with questions like – ‘Is my cat drinking enough water?’ or ‘Why won’t … Read more

Why Your Cat Is Drinking More but Eating Less

gray and white cat drinking water from bowl up close

Nothing sets off alarm bells for a cat owner quite like a kitty that’s gone off its food. When your feline friend is drinking like a fish but barely touching her dinner, you’re bound to worry. Now, let’s try to understand what could be triggering this change. Diving into possible reasons and associated health conditions … Read more

Decoding Cat Urine: What a Lack of Smell Could Mean

brown tabby cat on pink plastic basin lying

Are you puzzled by your cat’s pee lacking its usual distinct smell? It might make you wonder if there’s something going on with your feline friend’s health. Cat urine usually has a noticeable odor, but if it doesn’t, it could be a sign of something else. In this post, we’ll delve into the possible reasons … Read more