Ditch DIY Cat Declawing: Why It’s Harmful & What to Do

brown tabby cat paw on green surface

You may feel that declawing a cat will solve scratching issues, and you want to try and do it yourself. If you’re on the fence about this, please do not do this. Here’s why: Declawing is one of the most invasive treatments that can be performed on a cat. Every finger’s initial knuckle is being … Read more

Why Does My Cat Have Black Spots on Paws?

white and black cat paw

Most cats are born with pink pads on their paws. As they age, the pads change color, often to black, and you may see black spots. So, what exactly are these markings? Black spots on a cat’s paws are usually just skin pigmentation. Pink pads are common in light-colored cats, black pads in black cats, … Read more

Can I Leave My Cat in the Bathroom? (While Away/at Work)?

cat in bathroom

Keeping your cat in the bathroom for a few hours is fine if the cat has everything, from a litter tray to food and water, even some toys. However, keeping your cat locked for longer periods in a confined space is not recommended. A few hours is fine for adult cats, even longer if it’s … Read more

How Long After Eating Do Cats Poop? (Time to Digest)

cat lying down with paw above head

Many cat owners often wonder, ‘how long does it take for a cat to poop after eating?’ The times can vary depending on what you feed your cat and whether the cat is healthy.  If you let your cat eat whenever it wants, it can go whenever it wants, but usually 30 minutes after eating, … Read more