Do Cat Scratches Hurt: When to Worry and How to Heal

cat scratch on a person's leg

There’s nothing quite like the surprising sting of a cat scratch. We’ve all been there – peacefully petting our furry friend, when out of the blue, a sharp claw rakes across our skin. Should a cat scratch hurt, how much, and for how long? From learning what happens when a cat lightly scratches you to … Read more

Scratched by a Stray Cat? Here’s Your Quick Safety Guide

person extending an arm toward a stray cat

Ouch! Stray cat scratches can be more than just a painful nuisance – they could be potentially hazardous. We understand the frustration you might feel when a seemingly harmless encounter with a local feline leaves you with a nasty scratch. Even worse, the uncertainty that follows can be alarming, questioning what potential risks may lie … Read more

How to Train Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post

brown cat scrathing a post on cat tree

Got a new kitten? A stubborn old tom? The couch looking a bit worse for wear? Sure, feline friends may make your life brighter, but their scratching habits? Not so much. But hold on, before you break into a cold sweat, this post will guide you through teaching your cat how to embrace the scratching … Read more

Save Your Furniture: How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching

gray and white cat scrathing the couch while looking at camera

Picture this: you’re enjoying a peaceful evening at home, when suddenly the sound of claws against fabric breaks the silence. It’s your beloved cat, once again choosing your new couch over their unused scratching post. It’s a scene all too familiar for cat owners, as we grapple with the twin challenges of preserving our furniture … Read more

Stop the Scratch: How to Protect Your Carpet from Your Cat

black and white cat lying on carpet_

There’s no denying that cats are a joy to have around, but their natural instinct to scratch can leave your carpets looking worse for wear.  If you’re tired of constantly dealing with frayed edges and unsightly claw marks, you’re not alone.  This guide will help you understand the reasons behind your cat’s carpet-scratching behavior and … Read more

Cats Claws Get Stuck on Everything: Does it Hurt & Advice

brown tabby cat laying on gray concrete

Are your cat’s claws always getting snagged? Let’s uncover the reasons and solutions for this feline predicament. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on why this happens, how to help your feline friend, and debunking common myths about cat claws. Why Do Cats’ Claws Get Stuck? Cats’ claws have a unique structure that serves multiple … Read more

Ditch DIY Cat Declawing: Why It’s Harmful & What to Do

brown tabby cat paw on green surface

You may feel that declawing a cat will solve scratching issues, and you want to try and do it yourself. If you’re on the fence about this, please do not do this. Here’s why: Declawing is one of the most invasive treatments that can be performed on a cat. Every finger’s initial knuckle is being … Read more

Why Do Cats Run Into Walls?

orange persian cat on the ground

Cats often amuse us with their strange and wild behavior. But sometimes, they may worry us. Why would cats run into walls?  The answer will depend on the cat and how they run into walls. Is the cat stumbling into stuff she should have seen or attempting to corner, slide out, and crash into walls? … Read more

Do Cat Scratches Leave Permanent Scars? (how to remove)

cat lying and scratching furniture

Some cat scratches can take a long to heal. Whether a cat scratch will leave a scar depends on many factors. Usually, cat scratches don’t leave scars, but the type of scratch, your ability to heal, and how you treat the incident will be significant factors. You can only make sure to do whatever it … Read more