Why Do Dogs Love Kids So Much? The Joyful Truth

little girl hugging a black dog on the grass

Ever noticed your furry companion’s tail wagging faster whenever your kid enters the room? It’s a sight that warms the heart, but have you ever wondered why dogs seem to have a unique love for children? Are you curious about how these bonds form? Or why dogs seem to treat children differently from adults? Let’s … Read more

Why Does Your Dog Pee Where You Pee? (mystery solved)

dog peeing outside in the sunset

It’s not uncommon for dogs to want to pee where their owners pee, and there can be a few reasons for this behavior. This article explores why dogs pee where their owners pee, whether you should do anything about it, and how to tell whether they’re marking or just peeing. Why Do Dogs Pee Where … Read more

What to Do if Your Dog Kills a Stray Cat? (quick guide)

German shepherd and a stray cat next to each other

Dogs will be dogs, and some have a strong prey drive that is difficult to control. A stray cat was in their field of vision, and your dog attacked and killed it. So what to do now? The best thing you can do is to contact Animal Control to scan the cat for a microchip, … Read more

Why Do Dogs Pee on Plastic Bags? (reasons and solutions)

dog peeing outside on the wall

Dogs like to pee on many things and places, but for some reason, plastic bags can seem very attractive to a dog. Why is that? Plastic frequently contains compounds that attract dogs, such as ammonia, one of the substances in the urine. Ammonia smells like pee, so dogs are attracted to it. In addition, dogs … Read more

Can Dad and Son Dogs Live Together? (keep the puppy safe)

siberian husky parent and puppy

If you’ve never had male puppies, and the dad dog is around, it’s essential to know how to proceed before the puppies arrive. It’s usually advised to separate the male from the mother and litter during the last few weeks of pregnancy until the puppies are at least four to six weeks old. The older … Read more

Why Do Male Dogs Drink Female Urine? (is it normal)

beige dog sniffing the floor

All canines are interested in each other’s back ends because they contain a lot of pheromones and smell glands. But why would dogs lick or drink the female dog’s urine? Dogs have a particular scenting organ (Jacobson) on the roof of their mouths, near the front, which causes the sniffing and chattering of the jaw. … Read more