Why Do Male Dogs Drink Female Urine? (is it normal)

All canines are interested in each other’s back ends because they contain a lot of pheromones and smell glands. But why would dogs lick or drink the female dog’s urine?

Dogs have a particular scenting organ (Jacobson) on the roof of their mouths, near the front, which causes the sniffing and chattering of the jaw. It is sensitive to molecules involved in reproduction. When a dog’s jaw chatters, it works the scent up to the organ.

If you often experience this behavior, there’s typically nothing wrong with your dog, and it’s very natural.

beige dog sniffing the floor

Why Do Male Dogs Drink Female Dog’s Urine?

Male dogs do it to read the pee and determine whether or not a female is in heat, especially if the dog is male and not neutered. You can train him to leave it if you don’t want him to do it. It’s almost automatic behavior. The dog doesn’t want to get rid of the scent; instead, he wants a better taste.

All of this is part of the Flehmen reaction. On the roof of their mouths, behind their incisors, dogs have a “scent collector.” It is extremely sensitive to various pheromones, and male dogs are interested in examining certain odors, especially anything related to the female dog’s pee. 

He may flick out his tongue and chatter their teeth and usually have a hazy expression as if they’re concentrating on what the urine “says.”

When a female dog is in heat, this is normal behavior for a male dog. Dogs have a Jacobson’s organ on the roof of their mouths that they use to “taste” the air, similar to how humans use their noses. Jacobson’s organ detects pheromones emitted by females during estrus.

The richness and complexity of the pheromones in a female’s urine can provide insights to a male about her overall health, her age, and even her mood. This is why some male dogs might show more interest in the pee of certain females over others.

If the male is not likewise neutered, please keep them separate while the female is in estrus. If given a chance, dogs will inbreed. If you’re unsure whether you should neuter your male dog, consider the benefits and risks of this procedure in our blog post.

This “taste” of smells is so interesting that the dog becomes distracted and empty while doing it. Some dogs do it obsessively, and it can be amusing.

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Why Would a Dog Sniff and Lick Another Dog’s Pee?

Dogs are curious about each other’s pee because it reveals much about the other dogs in the region. Male dogs lick female dogs’ pee (even neutered males and spayed females) because it helps them process the smell of the female. 

I had a neutered 8-year-old male who did this (fixed), and I have a 5-year-old who does it and has been neutered as well. Male dogs will lick the pee of the female dog and possibly other dogs’ pee as well.

You might notice that the licking behavior is more pronounced in younger or inexperienced males. As they mature and have more interactions, some dogs may rely less on this method and more on direct interactions.

He may be smelling her pheromones in preparation for when she goes into heat. Some male dogs will exhibit sexual interest in even fixed female canines. It’s an instinctive behavior, similar to rubbing their noses when eating food.

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Animals having a Jacobson’s Organ use it to identify when females are in heat or estrus by smelling their urine or even seemingly tasting it. If your female dog is peeing on things you don’t want, check out my other blog to see how to keep her from peeing on things.

What Happens if Dog Licks Urine?

Usually, it’s completely safe. However, some infections, such as leptospirosis, can be transmitted through infected urine, which can be caused by urine licking. 

Disease in dogs can arise when contaminated urine comes into touch with their mucous membranes or damaged skin, such as through a cut or scrape. However, this is rare and requires several things to happen for the dog to get infected.

Try to keep an eye on your dog’s behavior, especially if you notice unusual actions. For example, if your dog is lifting his leg but not peeing it could be completely normal, but it could also point to a potential problem.

Should I Stop My Dog From Licking Other Dogs Urine?

In most situations, you shouldn’t stop your dog from doing this unless he’s hyper-focused on it for more than a few minutes. It’s standard canine behavior and his method of inspecting the situation. Some dogs are content to sniff it, while others may lick the urine.

This instinctual response is common and usually harmless. It would help if you appreciated this natural behavior because it allows dogs better understand their surroundings. In some rare situations, they may contract a disease by licking pee, such as kennel cough, though this is rare.

However, if you want to stop him from doing this, you can continue walking and tugging him. He will not want to be abandoned. A muzzle will not fix the problem because pee will go on the muzzle when the dog sniffs.

Training techniques like the ‘leave it’ command can be beneficial in these situations. Make sure to reward your dog when he listens, reinforcing positive behavior.


Why does my male dog lick the private parts of my female dog?

Some dogs are so eager to check the urine that they will put their nose right up to the urethra of the bitch (female dog). The dogs do it as a form of communication, similar to greeting their best friend. Bitches will typically reprimand the dog for doing this.

Why do male dogs lick female dogs’ period blood?

Dogs do not perceive menstrual blood in the same way that we do. They are naturally drawn to any blood and may also appreciate it because they are curious or like your pheromones smell. It is usual for dogs to lick or “taste” the discharge to determine whether or not the female dog is ready to breed.

Why do male dogs like to smell your private area?

Dogs are accustomed to recognizing people and dogs based on smell, specifically pheromones released by apocrine glands. The armpits and crotches of humans have most of these glands. To correct the behavior, use a firm no or leave it to command and redirect the dog to sniffing your hand or playing with a toy.

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