Canine Intelligence: Are Dogs Getting Smarter?

smart-looking black dog in focus

Ever caught your dog solving problems with a gleam of intelligence in their eyes? It makes you wonder, is my dog getting smarter? But it’s not just about whether your pup can fetch the ball or sit on command, we need to dive deeper. When we look at their cognitive abilities, their potential for learning, … Read more

Can Dogs Smell Water? Your Pooch’s Aquatic Superpower

gray and white dog sitting in front of glass of water

Ever find your pooch sniffing around curiously in the park, making a beeline for the nearest water source? This probably has you asking, just how well can dogs smell water? Isn’t that simply astounding? This super-sniffing ability forms an integral part of their survival instincts, lending credence to their reputation as man’s best friend. Let’s … Read more

Dogs Vs Wolves: Could Your Dog Join a Wolf Pack?

brown dog next to a wolf pack of three wolves

So, you’ve gazed at your loyal canine companion and wondered, “Could Rover hold his own among a wolf pack?” This question is rooted in the fascinating relationship between man’s best friend and their wild cousins. But hey, who wouldn’t be curious about what would transpire if the backyard suddenly turned into ‘The Call of the … Read more

Pushing Canine IQ: Is Breeding for Intelligence Possible?

smart dog wearing glasses

For the past 200 years, humans have been the main factor in the evolution of dogs. We’ve bred them to become our friendly companions, and we will be the ones to decide where their evolution goes. One of the most interesting aspects of dog evolution is whether we can breed them for intelligence. It is … Read more

Future Evolution of Dogs: How Will Dogs Evolve?

black and white alaskan malamute dog in snow

Over thousands of years of domestication, dogs evolved from wolves. However, humans played a large part in their breeding as well. So, how will dogs progress? Surprisingly, evolution does not play a role in domestic animals. According to Hardy Weinberg, dogs are not evolving because evolution conditions cannot exist without random mating. Because dogs are subjected … Read more

Working vs. Show Dogs: The Key Differences Unveiled

We’ve all seen and heard the terms “working dog” and a “show dog” but may not know what exactly separates them. What are the main differences between the two? Working dogs are typically very active, requiring more physical and mental activity than some pet families can provide. Show dogs are usually less energetic than their … Read more

What to Do if a Puppy Is Born With Their Eyes Open?

white puppy under pink blanket

Puppies are typically born blind. At birth, their eyes are shut because they are still developing and are very sensitive to light. In some rare cases, they may be born with open eyes. If the puppy is born with its eyes open, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. There’s a chance the … Read more

Why Do Dogs Pee on Plastic Bags? (reasons and solutions)

dog peeing outside on the wall

Dogs like to pee on many things and places, but for some reason, plastic bags can seem very attractive to a dog. Why is that? Plastic frequently contains compounds that attract dogs, such as ammonia, one of the substances in the urine. Ammonia smells like pee, so dogs are attracted to it. In addition, dogs … Read more