Canine Intelligence: Are Dogs Getting Smarter?

smart-looking black dog in focus

Ever caught your dog solving problems with a gleam of intelligence in their eyes? It makes you wonder, is my dog getting smarter? But it’s not just about whether your pup can fetch the ball or sit on command, we need to dive deeper. When we look at their cognitive abilities, their potential for learning, … Read more

Do Pets Know They Are Pets? (and what they think of humans)

woman holding a dog in the park

It is difficult to say whether pets are aware that they are pets because they cannot communicate their thoughts and feelings to us as humans do. Many pet owners believe that their animals understand their roles as companions and household members. Dogs, for example, have been trained to perform specific tasks or obey specific commands, … Read more

Pushing Canine IQ: Is Breeding for Intelligence Possible?

smart dog wearing glasses

For the past 200 years, humans have been the main factor in the evolution of dogs. We’ve bred them to become our friendly companions, and we will be the ones to decide where their evolution goes. One of the most interesting aspects of dog evolution is whether we can breed them for intelligence. It is … Read more