Unleashing the Force: Akitas in Police Work

brown and white american akita dog standing in snow

The flashing red and blue lights, the sense of security, the instant respect – police dogs are not just ordinary canines, they are super canines. But have you ever wondered what traits qualify a dog for this exceptional duty? You’ve probably heard of the common breeds like German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, but have you … Read more

Can Pitbulls Be Police Dogs? Debunking the Myths

brown and white american pit bull terrier mix sitting outside

Pitbulls, often misunderstood and underestimated, spark curiosity about their potential in law enforcement roles. Many people wonder if these powerful canines can rise to the challenge of police work.  In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the world of pit bulls and their capabilities, comparing them to other popular police dog breeds and exploring … Read more

Why Police Dogs Don’t Run After Cats? (training revealed)

military dog handler signaling his working dog

Conditioning is the primary reason why police dogs do not chase after cats. Police dogs understand that the focus is on the job, whether a suspect or an object, not another dog or cat. They have been extensively trained to ignore and focus on the task for at least four to eight weeks, typically much … Read more

Why Aren’t Dobermans Used as Police Dogs?

athletic powerful doberman on the grass

Dobermans can look aggressive, protective, and fit, but the police don’t generally use them. Why is that? Police don’t use Dobermans because of many reasons. Some of those include a sense of smell not being as good as with other police dogs (such as German Shepherds). They also tend to have mental health issues, many … Read more

The Inside Story: Why Police K9s Choose Prong Collars

man holding police dog in training

Depending on the police department, you may have seen many K9s wear prong collars. Why would police use prong collars on their working dogs? They are used to exert greater control over the K9 in high-risk circumstances or in huge groups where distraction is high, and safety is critical. The collar is also used to … Read more

Why Aren’t Police Dogs Neutered?

police dog julius

Not all police dogs are spayed or neutered, and it’s up to the handling department to decide if a dog should be fixed. Some police departments will neuter/spay their dogs, while others will not. There are many reasons, such as whether castrating a dog modifies its behavior and whether police dogs need hormones from their … Read more