Unleashing the Force: Akitas in Police Work

brown and white american akita dog standing in snow

The flashing red and blue lights, the sense of security, the instant respect – police dogs are not just ordinary canines, they are super canines. But have you ever wondered what traits qualify a dog for this exceptional duty? You’ve probably heard of the common breeds like German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, but have you … Read more

Little Warriors: Why Chihuahuas Make Good Guard Dogs

brown chihuahua dog next to a fence

Chihuahuas – small but mighty, compact yet brimming with courage. These pint-sized canines are notorious for their audacious behavior, which often makes you forget their tiny stature. While their size may not be intimidating, their attitude can certainly give even the largest dogs a pause. This brings us to an intriguing question that crosses the … Read more

Are Saint Bernards Good Guard Dogs? Weighing the Facts

saint bernard dog lying on the floor

Looking at a massive Saint Bernard, you may wonder if these gentle giants are cut out for the role of a guard dog. It’s a valid question, and one that many potential dog owners grapple with. Intrigued by this paradox? Well, the Saint Bernard’s protective nature is more nuanced than you might expect. So let’s … Read more

Can a Dog Defend Itself Against a Coyote? (size & protection)

coyote standing in grass field during daytime

Coyotes can be daring and aggressive and often snatch pets from owner’s farms. While many dog breeds will stand up to coyotes, can they actually defend themselves? Since coyotes aren’t very big or strong, a single medium or large-bred dog can often defend itself against a coyote, even several. Coyotes will typically be fearful of … Read more