Why Do Cats Say No and Nom? (The True Meaning)

gray cat eating food from the sidewalk

Ever wondered why your furry friend starts to chatter, almost sounding like they’re saying “No” or “Nom nom nom“? Perhaps you’ve noticed it when they’re focused on their meal, or when they’re fervently expressing disapproval. Why do cats do this? With a diverse range of vocalizations, understanding your cat’s language can be a fascinating journey. … Read more

Deciphering Cat Sounds: Vocalizations and Purring Explained

black and white cat meowing with closed eyes

As a cat owner, you’ve probably marveled at the diverse sounds your feline friend can produce, from soothing purrs to demanding meows. Deciphering these vocalizations can sometimes feel like learning a new language, but understanding your cat’s communication is essential for bonding and attending to their needs.  Let’s dive into the fascinating world of feline … Read more