Dog Face Humping: What It Means and How to Control

chihuahua dog playing with another dog's face

Caught off guard by your dog’s unusual face-humping habit? It can be awkward, not to mention a bit concerning. Witnessing this behavior, you may wonder if it’s a harmless quirk or a red flag signaling deeper issues. Welcome to your guide on doggy face humping – we’ll navigate the reasons behind it, explain the psychology, … Read more

Why Do Cats Say No and Nom? (The True Meaning)

gray cat eating food from the sidewalk

Ever wondered why your furry friend starts to chatter, almost sounding like they’re saying “No” or “Nom nom nom“? Perhaps you’ve noticed it when they’re focused on their meal, or when they’re fervently expressing disapproval. Why do cats do this? With a diverse range of vocalizations, understanding your cat’s language can be a fascinating journey. … Read more

How to Make a Cat Meow: Step-by-Step

brown and white cat up close

Cats, those enigmatic creatures, can leave us scratching our heads when they suddenly stop meowing or, conversely, can’t seem to stop at all. The world of cat vocalization is vast, but today, we’re zoning in on one specific aspect—how to encourage your cat to meow. It’s frustrating when your once chatty cat falls silent or … Read more

How to Train Your Cat to Come When Called (tools & tips)

gray cat standing in front of brown door

Is your feline friend playing hard to get? As cat owners, we understand the struggle of getting our cats to respond to their names, let alone come when called. Despite their independent nature, cats can indeed be taught to respond to their names or a specific command, just like dogs. But before you dismiss the … Read more

Is Your Cat Meowing Too Much? Here’s What to Do

orange cat meowing up close_

There’s no sound quite like a distinctive cat’s meow. It’s comforting and endearing when it’s soft and infrequent, but what happens when your cat starts meowing non-stop? Suddenly, your peaceful home turns into a feline opera, with your cat as the main performer. Those midnight performances aren’t helping your sleep either. But fear not, dear … Read more

How to Stop Your Cat From Biting (and reduce aggession)

brown cat biting person's hand on the floor

Ever been caught in the crosshairs of a kitty with an attitude? The sensation of tiny teeth against your unsuspecting hand is all too familiar. You’re left wondering if your precious furball has a personal vendetta against you. Now, let’s set aside those worry-laden myths about cats being spiteful creatures. They aren’t plotting your downfall, … Read more

Feline Affection: Scent Marking and Head Bunting

gray cat and blonde girl head bunting (headbutt)

If you’ve ever wondered why your cat seems obsessed with rubbing their face on everything, you’re not alone. Cats have a unique way of communicating and claiming their territory through scent marking, and understanding this behavior can help you better connect with your feline friend. We’ll be looking into the world of scent marking and … Read more

Read Your Cat’s Mind: Body Posture and Facial Expressions

white and orange cat standing in cautious position

Diving into the world of feline communication can feel like learning a foreign language. Have you ever wondered what your cat is trying to tell you as they lounge in a loaf position or expose their belly? As a fellow cat lover and owner, I know how puzzling it can be to interpret these seemingly … Read more

Deciphering Cat Sounds: Vocalizations and Purring Explained

black and white cat meowing with closed eyes

As a cat owner, you’ve probably marveled at the diverse sounds your feline friend can produce, from soothing purrs to demanding meows. Deciphering these vocalizations can sometimes feel like learning a new language, but understanding your cat’s communication is essential for bonding and attending to their needs.  Let’s dive into the fascinating world of feline … Read more