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Cat Safety: Sleeping Under Covers and Cozy Alternatives

gray and white cat sleeping under sheets in bed

As a cat owner, you might find your feline companion snuggling under the covers with you, leading you to wonder if it’s safe for them. The safety of your cat’s sleeping habits is important, so let’s dive into the answers. In this blog post, we will explore the various aspects of your cat’s cozy sleeping … Read more

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Stop the Scratch: How to Protect Your Carpet from Your Cat

black and white cat lying on carpet_

There’s no denying that cats are a joy to have around, but their natural instinct to scratch can leave your carpets looking worse for wear.  If you’re tired of constantly dealing with frayed edges and unsightly claw marks, you’re not alone.  This guide will help you understand the reasons behind your cat’s carpet-scratching behavior and … Read more

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Leaving Windows Open for Cats: Safe or Risky?

silver tabby cat looking out the window

Leaving windows open with an indoor cat raises safety concerns. Can you strike a balance between fresh air and your feline’s well-being? Read on to explore the pros and cons of open windows for cats, as well as alternative solutions for providing outdoor access while ensuring their safety and well-being. Benefits of Fresh Air and … Read more

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Cats Claws Get Stuck on Everything: Does it Hurt & Advice

brown tabby cat laying on gray concrete

Are your cat’s claws always getting snagged? Let’s uncover the reasons and solutions for this feline predicament. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on why this happens, how to help your feline friend, and debunking common myths about cat claws. Why Do Cats’ Claws Get Stuck? Cats’ claws have a unique structure that serves multiple … Read more

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Can You Have Two Cats in One Bedroom Apartment?

two cats standing next to each other

Cats like freedom, and we’d like to give them as much space as possible. But sometimes, we have to move to a smaller place or get another cat in a small apartment, so we ask ourselves: can two cats live pleasantly in a one-bedroom apartment? The answer is that two cats can easily share a … Read more

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I Want a Cat, but My Dad/Mom/Husband Is Allergic (Solution)

man wiping nose with tissue paper

So you want a cat, but someone at your house is allergic, and they sneeze or have itchy eyes. What can you do? Well, several things can make a big difference. First, test their allergies to different cat breeds at a shelter. In addition, you can keep the cat only on hardwood floors, use leather/vinyl … Read more

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Do Cat Scratches Leave Permanent Scars? (how to remove)

cat lying and scratching furniture

Some cat scratches can take a long to heal. Whether a cat scratch will leave a scar depends on many factors. Usually, cat scratches don’t leave scars, but the type of scratch, your ability to heal, and how you treat the incident will be significant factors. You can only make sure to do whatever it … Read more