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How to Tell a Male from a Female Cat: Simple Identifiers

Abstract cat silhouettes hinting at gender differences

Cats, with their mysterious aura, often make us wonder about many things – like how do spacesuits scratch that itch of curiosity? Especially, when trying to figure out if your new feline friend is a Mr. or a Miss without making it awkward for both of you. Knowing your cat’s gender can be surprisingly tricky … Read more

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Do Cat Scratches Hurt: When to Worry and How to Heal

cat scratch on a person's leg

There’s nothing quite like the surprising sting of a cat scratch. We’ve all been there – peacefully petting our furry friend, when out of the blue, a sharp claw rakes across our skin. Should a cat scratch hurt, how much, and for how long? From learning what happens when a cat lightly scratches you to … Read more

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My Cat Sneezed in My Face! Now What?

gray tabby cat sneezing

There you were, enjoying a calm moment with your cat when ah-choo! Your furry friend sneezed directly into your face, leaving you blinking in surprise and perhaps a bit of concern. Now that you’ve wiped off the cat sneeze, you might be wondering why this unexpected event occurred in the first place and if you … Read more