Kitten Relocation: How Far and Why Mother Cats Do It

brown cat and her kitten lying on the porch

Ever discovered a mother cat relocating her fuzzy little furballs? It’s a sight that evokes intrigue, admiration, and a touch of worry. Why do they do this, and how far can they take the kittens? Observing nature, especially the meticulous behavior of mother cats, unfolds stories of survival, care, and strategic brilliance. Dive deeper, and … Read more

Can You Give a Pregnant Cat a Bath? (safety tips & more)

happy calico cat lying on soft rags

Are you a cat owner who’s expecting a litter of kittens? If so, you may wonder if bathing your pregnant cat is safe and what the risks are. In this article, we’ll cover the risks, alternative cleaning methods, and safe bathing techniques to help you keep your pregnant cat healthy and clean. What are the … Read more

Do Mother Cats Play With Their Kittens? (rough play insight)

mother cat with a kitten on white bed

Mother cats don’t just nurture their kittens but also engage in playful interactions with them, strengthening the bond and teaching important life skills. How exactly do they achieve this? This article explores how mother cats play with kittens, when they get rough, how to distinguish play from a fight, and what you can do for … Read more