Why Do Cats Sleep Together? (and what it means)

two tabby cats sleeping together

Have you ever looked over at your couch and seen your feline friends all curled up in a cuddly heap? If you’re like many cat parents, you may wonder why your cats have such an affinity for sleeping together. In this blog post, we will be diving deeper into this intriguing feline sleep habit. By … Read more

Introducing Cats to Other Pets and Children (Owner’s guide)

cat lying on a blanket with a dog next to them

If you thought introducing your new partner to your parents was nerve-wracking, wait till you try introducing your cat to a new pet or, heaven forbid, a toddler. Fear not! We’ve got your back on this. At AnimalReport, we understand that introducing your feline friend to other family members, whether they’re furry or not, can … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Socializing Kittens and Adult Cats

kitten and adult cat hanging out

Ever feel like your cat is its own boss? Like that furry friend of yours has a mind of its own, often aloof and indifferent? You’re not alone.  But here’s a little secret, cats crave interactions and bonding, just in their own unique way. That’s where socialization comes in, helping reveal the playful, curious side … Read more

Unlocking Your Cat’s Joy: The Power of Socialization

orange and gray cat next to each other on a cat tree

Is your feline friend acting aloof or anxious? Perhaps, your otherwise bold and playful kitty seems hesitant around new people or pets? Trust us, you’re not alone. Many cat owners like you often grapple with the enigmatic behavior of their beloved feline friends. But have you ever thought that it could all boil down to … Read more