Ready, Set, Purr: Preparing Your Home for a New Cat

gray and white tabby cat sitting on red textile

Getting ready to welcome a new feline into your home? We know it can be both exciting and nerve-racking to prepare for their arrival. A well-prepared home for a new cat is one that is safe, comfortable, and cat-friendly. From securing potential hazards to arranging amenities like food, water, and litter boxes, proper preparation can … Read more

Keeping Curious Cats Out of Drawers: Tips and Tricks

gray tabby cat sitting in a drawer

Cats opening drawers can be both puzzling and frustrating for pet owners. Discovering how to stop this behavior can be the key to a more harmonious household. Let’s dive into the reasons behind your feline’s fascination with drawers and explore effective solutions to keep them occupied and safe. Why Are Cats Drawn to Drawers? First, … Read more