Should You Get a Hair Out of Your Dog’s Eye? (how to do it)

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Dogs get foreign objects into their eyes constantly, but sometimes you may see hair bothering them. So you’re asking yourself, what to do about it?

The hair in the eye does not irritate or hurt the dog in most situations, as the usual tearing process removes the hair. You can remove it with a clean hand or by rinsing it with a saline solution. If the dog looks squinting or pawing at it, take them to the vet, as it could be physical damage.

Usually, the dog won’t give you signs about the hair. If they do, it could be a bigger problem than just hair. It could be their eye has been physically damaged.

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What Happens When Hair Gets Into Your Dog’s Eye?

While dogs might be more tolerant, long-term exposure to hair in their eyes could lead to excessive tearing or even conjunctivitis.

I asked the vet, and she informed me that dogs’ eyes don’t have as many nerve endings as ours, which is why they don’t mind when there’s something in their eyes.

So you see, dogs are considerably more tolerant of things like hair getting in their eyes than humans are. I would let hair alone unless the dog is squinting or showing signs of irritation.

However, because animals naturally hide their discomfort, please don’t assume that their lack of visible discomfort means they aren’t troubled by it. Dogs, like humans, are animals who feel pain. If you think there’s something in there, it’s worth checking out.

If the dog is pawing at his eye, rubbing his face, or squinting, he has most likely hurt his eye. Corneal lacerations and ulcers are both painful and potentially deadly. In this scenario, you should consult your vet.

Can You Use Eye Wash on Dogs?

You can use plain saline solution or standard human eye wash on your dog’s eyes. However, do not use other medicated eye drops without consulting your veterinarian.

If the dog is squinting or pawing at his eye due to a visible object, rinse the eye with a basic saline solution or Artificial Tears.

Whatever you do, don’t lick your finger and stick it in your dog’s eye or anyone else’s. Flush the eye with water or a suitable eye-washing solution, such as your eye drops. If unsure, consult with your veterinarian first.

Remember, just as you wouldn’t want any foreign substances in your eyes for a prolonged period, your furry friend feels the same. Immediate attention can make all the difference.

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How Do You Get Hair Out of Your Dog’s Eye?

The simplest method is to flush it or grab it with a clean finger and slowly pull it to the outside corner of the eye. Many items can enter the eyes of dogs and are always easy to remove. Simply make sure your hands are clean.

You can also use cotton puffs to clean around the eyelids. Moisten the tip of a swab with a basic eye rinse (not your tongue!). Flush the hair to either corner of the eye and use the moist swab tip to remove it, moving the hair toward the eyelid gently.

Even if it doesn’t appear to be affecting them, you could try to aid them by using a simple saline eye rinse. Proper care of dogs’ eyes is essential, and puppies are even more vulnerable, especially at birth.

I strongly advise every pet owner to keep a bottle of saline eye rinse in their home. This product is available at any pharmacy, such as CVS or Walgreens, and even Amazon with Burt’s Bees for pets. Any OTC, multipurpose, sterilized saline solution would suffice.

Here’s how to rinse your dog’s eye with a saline solution:

If your dog gets hair or dust in their eyes, rinse them off. They can’t do it themselves, and trying to clear material in their eyes is considerably more difficult because touching it with their paws often makes it worse.

Do not try if the dog won’t sit still. Otherwise, monitor and ensure the eye doesn’t become red or inflamed. If it does, go to the vet.

For dogs with longer facial hair, consider using a soft dog hair comb. It’s not just about aesthetics, but also about keeping those peepers clear. Combing regularly prevents tangles that can lead to hair falling into their eyes.

Furthermore, you can use Antimicrobial ophthalmic gel to aid healing and treat/prevent infection from any little bit of unpleasant corneal scratches. It’s also beneficial for animals whose eyes are irritated due to allergies.

Should You Cut Your Dog’s Hair Over Their Eyes?

I advise cutting it just enough so that it won’t bother them. Trimming the hair that hangs over the dog’s eyes is required to improve vision and prevent it from falling on the eye and creating irritation.

Corneal ulcerations may develop if it hangs into its eyes. Furthermore, prolonged eye irritation can result in pigmentary keratitis. However, if it hangs over the eyes but does not enter them, it is usually not harmful to the pet’s health.

When trimming hair around the eyes, always use rounded-tip scissors or specific dog grooming tools. A sudden movement can be risky, and the rounded tips provide an extra layer of safety.

For breeds with naturally long hair around the face, such as Shih Tzus or Maltese, regular grooming sessions or visits to a professional groomer can save you from frequent eye problems.

Prioritizing your dog’s eye health speaks volumes about your care and dedication. Ensuring clear eyes isn’t just aesthetic, it’s about their well-being. If this guide resonated with you, do share it with fellow pet owners. Together, let’s make sure our furry friends see the world without hindrance. Keep trusting your instincts and stay paws-itive!


Can you cut your dog’s whiskers?

When whiskers detect objects or movements, they send information to sensory cells. Because whiskers assist dogs in navigating the world, most experts do not recommend cutting them unless the vet advises it. They aid dogs’ spatial awareness, which could lead to issues if they are removed.

Can you use water to clean your dog’s eyes?

You can use clean water for your dog’s eyes. Just make sure your hands are clean. Instead of pouring water over their eyes, it’s best to wipe them using a damp cloth to remove dust and foreign objects. A better option is to use a typical saline eye rinse.

What to do if your dog’s eye is bothering them?

The best thing is to look at their eye to see if there are any foreign objects in it, if it’s red, swollen, or looks different. If something is in it and your dog is calm enough to take it out without hurting our dog, you could try that. Otherwise, take them to a vet.

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