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Do Cats Like Heated Blankets? (a quick insight)

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There’s nothing quite like seeing your furball bundled up, enjoying a cozy nap. But have you ever wondered if they might enjoy a heated blanket like you do?

The Short Answer

Yes, most cats do enjoy heated blankets. This is because cats are attracted to warm and cozy spots for their napping sessions. However, certain safety measures should be observed when providing your cat with a heated blanket.

Now, let’s dive deeper into understanding your feline friend’s love for warmth and how to keep them safe and comfortable. Remember, the goal is to enhance their comfort, not to endanger them.

calico cat lying under gray blanket

Why Cats Love Warmth

If you’ve ever found your cat basking in a sunbeam or snuggled up next to a radiator, you’re already familiar with their love for warmth.

Cats are drawn to warm places primarily because of their ancestry. Wild cats, from which our domestic felines descend, are creatures of arid, warm climates.

This means their bodies are designed to thrive in warmth, and they use external heat sources to help maintain their body temperature. Offering your cat a heated blanket could mimic these natural conditions and provide them a comforting, warm spot for their snooze sessions.

Are Heated Blankets Safe for Cats?

Before you rush off to purchase a heated blanket for your furry friend, it’s vital to consider the safety implications.

Generally, heated blankets designed specifically for pets are safe for cats. These typically come with lower heat settings than those meant for humans. However, blankets made for human use could be too hot for cats and pose a risk of overheating or even burns.

It’s also crucial to inspect the blanket regularly for any wear and tear that could expose your cat to the electrical elements inside. Additionally, it may be smart to familiarize yourself with the safety of cats sleeping under covers.

And, of course, always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and care. In the end, safety should always be paramount when it comes to our beloved pets.

Speaking of safety, I personally recommend the Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad. It’s a non-electrical pad that you heat in the microwave and provides up to 10 hours of warmth. It’s a safer option and really easy to use. Plus, it’s cordless, so there’s no chance of your cat getting tangled up.

black and white cat lying under gray blanket

How to Introduce a Heated Blanket to Your Cat?

Just like introducing any new item to your cat, you’ll want to do so gradually when it comes to a heated blanket.

Begin by placing the blanket in your cat’s favorite snoozing spot without switching it on. Let them sniff around it, sit on it, and basically get used to its presence. Once they seem comfortable, turn on the blanket to the lowest setting.

Remember, cats have a higher body temperature than humans, so what feels warm to you might be too hot for them. Monitor their behavior. If they seem to enjoy it and settle down for a nap, it’s a sign you’ve done well!

However, if your cat appears uncomfortable or agitated, switch off the blanket and let them adjust to the non-heated version a bit longer.

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What If Your Cat Doesn’t Like the Heated Blanket?

Not all cats are the same, and some might not take to a heated blanket, and that’s perfectly okay! 

If your cat doesn’t seem interested, don’t force them. Instead, try different ways to provide warmth. For instance, a well-insulated bed placed near a sunny window can be just as inviting. 

Another often overlooked but highly effective solution is a warm water bottle wrapped in a soft towel. This method replicates the heat without the possible discomfort of an electronic device. 

Also, consider getting a cat bed with a thermal layer that reflects your cat’s body heat back to them for a self-heating effect. My cat, Smokey, loves his Petmate Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed. It’s comfy, and the heat-reflecting technology works wonders on cooler days.

Petmate Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed
Petmate Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed

Remember, the goal is to make your cat comfortable, and there are multiple ways to achieve this. It’s all about finding what your specific feline friend prefers.

How To Keep Your Cat Warm Without a Heated Blanket?

If you don’t have a heated blanket, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to ensure your cat stays warm.

First, make sure their bed is in a warm place, away from drafts. A high perch, perhaps on a cat tree near a sunny window, can also provide a warm spot for your cat. You can also try providing a woolen blanket or a soft towel which can retain their body heat.

Now, here’s something you might not have considered: self-warming cat beds. I remember when I first bought one for my cat, Sir Fluffington. It was the K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper. He was always seeking the warmest spots in the house.

So, when I introduced the self-warming bed to him, he was skeptical at first but it didn’t take long for him to get used to it. I still recall the first time I found him curled up in that bed, purring contently – it was a total win! The K&H bed is incredibly soft, washable, and uses your cat’s own body heat, reflecting it back and keeping them cozy even on cooler days.

This type of bed uses your cat’s own body heat, reflecting it back and keeping them cozy even on cooler days.


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