The Ultimate Guide to Dog Training Leashes

black dog with blue harness walking next to owner on the road

Just the other day, I was taking my good ol’ Sam for a walk, feeling pretty confident with our new training leash—until it snapped, sending him on an impromptu squirrel-chasing adventure. Talk about a heart-stopping moment! If you’ve ever experienced the panic of a leash mishap or struggled to find the right one to help … Read more

The Ultimate Dog Training Collar Guide: Tips & Selection

black and brown dog with a tennis ball in its mouth wearing black collar

Picture this: I’m standing in the park, armed with treats and a leash, trying to train my rambunctious dog who just can’t seem to stay focused. It’s a familiar scene for many dog owners, right? Then, out of nowhere, my dog spots a squirrel and takes off like a rocket, dragging me through the grass … Read more