What is The Best Food for Your 2-Month-Old Kitten?

grey and white kitten on wooden fence

Many owners don’t know what’s good or bad for two-month-old kittens and which products to buy. Typically, kittens thrive on a predominantly wet diet tailored to their caloric requirements.  This article will help regarding options of wet and dry food, as well as what to avoid giving your two-month-old kitten. It’s a quick read, so … Read more

How Long After Eating Do Cats Poop? (Time to Digest)

cat lying down with paw above head

Many cat owners often wonder, ‘how long does it take for a cat to poop after eating?’ The times can vary depending on what you feed your cat and whether the cat is healthy.  If you let your cat eat whenever it wants, it can go whenever it wants, but usually 30 minutes after eating, … Read more