The Peculiar Reason Cats Are Obsessed With Armpits

brown cat likes to smell armpit

Cats use fragrance to recognize and share scents with their closest companions. You’ll often see them lick their owners’ armpits, bury their noses in them, and wonder why. Cats use their scent glands to identify unique aromatic IDs, similar to how we recognize faces. Sweaty clothes and armpits are enticing because of the strong human … Read more

Cats vs. Dogs: Unraveling the Mysteries of Trust & Loyalty

Dog and cat cuddling (loyalty and trust)

Working for an animal’s trust and learning to speak their language is worthwhile, and an animal’s trust is a gift, regardless of who provides it initially. Regarding trust and loyalty, dogs and cats will almost always be different. Dogs are incredibly expressive of emotions, and it is usually relatively simple to figure out what they … Read more

How Safe is Your Puppy Around a Male Cat? Insights & Tips

Puppy and adult black male cat bonding_

Cats and puppies usually get along. They may chase pups around for enjoyment, but the cat’s claws and teeth can cause serious harm. But will the male cat choose to harm a puppy? Adult male cats can hurt the puppy but will most likely not use it, at least not while he is young. Animals … Read more

Why Do Cats Shake Their Heads When Playing or Pouncing?

brown cat lying on bed playing

House cats have all kinds of weird twitches and movements, which sometimes makes us wonder why they do it. Here’s why: When cats play, they actually train to hunt their prey. They move their heads to perform a last check to confirm they have accurately homed in on their goal and are likely to get … Read more

Feline Facts: Do All Cats Scratch Their Owners?

cat scratching sofa

Kittens and young cats play hard, which is necessary for the wild because play is training for critical life skills of hunting and fighting. Adult cats are less inclined to do so, but if you don’t provide an indoor cat with enough toys to play with will still have a hunting and fighting need that … Read more

Why Do Cats Prefer Dog Beds? Myths & Truths Revealed

cat lying on white bed

Cats don’t just “take over” the dog’s bed; they believe they own it. The dog? Well, they’re mere tenants, operating on the cat’s whimsical terms. Sure, that might be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but there’s a kernel of truth there. Let’s dive deeper into this feline mystery. Interestingly, this behavior extends to their relationship with dogs. … Read more

Cats vs. Mice: Why Some Felines Fear the Chase

can lying with mouse in front

While we often imagine cats as the fearless hunters of mice, this isn’t always the case. Surprisingly, some domesticated cats exhibit genuine apprehension around mice or even rats. Why does this paradox exist, and what are the intricacies of this cat-mouse relationship? Let’s dive in. The Peculiarities of the Cat-Mouse Dynamic Are All Cats Natural … Read more